Factory Authorized Service by Lotus Vancouver Technicians

November 23 2020

How Can We Help?

Your car is your baby; we get that. When you leave your car with us, you expect us to treat it as if it were our own, and we do exactly that. Our factory-trained technicians are up to date with the latest equipment and software to keep your performance vehicle running at its best.

Whether you’re looking for factory scheduled maintenance, warranty work, a performance upgrade, or to make sure your vehicle is set up just right for the track, we do it with expert precision. We deliver all this to you on time, and on budget. Every time.


If you’ve purchased a new Lotus from us, we’ll complete all the service exactly as the factory demands, and ensure your warranty remains intact. If you’ve bought a used Lotus, chances are we’ve been servicing it since new, and continuing to service with us will help protect your investment, both its driving performance, and resale value.


If you’ve purchased or leased one of our off make premium luxury vehicles, its good to know that we service all brands. We have the know how, the skill and the equipment to deliver first rate service at a very competitive price.

Our parts department has pretty much every part you’ll ever need, in stock at all times. No waiting for common parts to arrive. In the off chance your car needs a part we don’t stock, we’ll get it here in a hurry so you’re not left stranded. We know your time is valuable.

Come by and check out our service department, have a coffee and chat cars. We’re always here to help.

Additional Services We Provide Include:



Nobody wants their prized car to look anything less than its best. However, stuff happens. Turn your dinged, chipped or road-worn car over to us and we’ll give it back its showroom shine. If your car has been in an accident, we will handle coordination with ICBC, and repair it to perfection



Sometimes, a chip is more than a chip; the damage to your windshield caused by impact from a stone or other debris may not look too severe at first, but it can spread quickly and cause your windshield to break. Bring your car in, and we’ll let you know if your glass chip can be repaired or if you need a full windscreen replacement.



If there is no paint damage to your car, we can often repair dents, bulges and buckles with no evidence of any damage. If no parts need replacing, the costs and time required are comparatively lower however, our estimate will take into account the size and number of dents as well as their depth and position on your car.



Your car’s beauty is more than skin deep. Keep the inside looking as beautiful as the outside. We can look after leather repairs, scuffs, scratches and virtually any interior blemish.



It’s been said that truth is in the details. Our detailing department will shine your car up to factory standards….and more importantly….our own standards, inside and out. We have a number of different detailing packages and services available; click here to find out more.



Wheels are prone to collecting scrapes and knicks. In most cases we can eliminate minor blemishes and in most cases, we can refurbish your wheels to “as new”. Bring your car ’round and let’s have a look.