The Expanded Lotus Evora GT430 Lineup Range

November 24 2017

Following the debut of the Lotus Evora GT430, Lotus has introduced an expanded Evora GT430 lineup. Designed to appeal to a wider range of customers who want the ultimate in high performance sports cars.


Evora GT430 Sport joins the lineup

Adding to the acclaimed Evora 400 and Evora Sport 410 models, the new Evora GT430 range now includes two body options and a choice transmission. Joining the recently announced Evora GT430 is the Evora GT430 Sport. A new member of the family that carries the same phenomenal firepower and sculptured body-style but without the additional downforce-creating aerodynamic elements. Both models are powered by the same 3.5-litre V6 supercharged and charge cooled engine, producing 430 hp and 440 Nm of torque (Automatic version: 450 Nm).

Without the aerodynamic elements, the Evora GT430 Sport weighs 10kg less at 1248 kg (dry), bringing the power-to-weight ratio to 345 hp / tonne. The top speed is 196 mph (315 km/h) making it the fastest Lotus production car ever.

The Evora GT430 is differentiated from the Evora GT430 Sport through the inclusion of motorsport derived aerodynamics. A large, profiled carbon wing and louvers on top of each front wheel arch reduce pressure within the front wheel arches together with wider wheels and tyres.


Lotus Evora GT430 in more detail

The new Evora GT430 Sport makes full use of carbon fibre to help hit its low kerb weight. Standard components include full carbon front and rear bumpers, front access panel, roof panel, rear quarter panels as well as a one-piece louvered tailgate with integrated spoiler.

The whole of the Evora GT430 range also benefits from advancements in aerodynamics. Including two enlarged carbon fibre front ducts to efficiently move air though to the front wheel cavities and reduce turbulence. The curved rear edges of the front wheel arch panels also play a role. Channelling air along the side of the car, while sculpted ducts behind each rear wheel vent airflow as quickly as possible from the wheel arches, balancing downforce.

As a result, the Evora GT430 Sport generates up to 100 kg of downforce at 196 mph, some 56% more than the Evora Sport 410. The Evora GT430 generates up to 250 kg of downforce at 190 mph.

Finally, the Exige Cup 430 is available as a series production car for European consumption only (unfortunately).



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