Power without compromise: The 2023 Lotus Eletre

November 03 2022

Seventy-five years of sports car design and engineering have evolved into Lotus’ all-new electric lifestyle vehicle, the Eletre. The electrified hyper SUV with sportscar style exudes exceptional handling, exhilarating performance and power without compromise. Although Lotus has not yet revealed a release date for the Eletre, the anticipation of the addition to the fleet is electrifying.

All electric engineering that doesn’t sacrifice performance in the sportscar world requires industry-leading battery technology. The Eletre offers thrilling driving experiences while delivering more power at higher efficiencies, unlocking new levels of range and performance. Range is not an issue with battery life lasting up to 600km and ultra-fast charging that allows drivers to top up 400km of range in only 20 minutes. An integrated rear light blade indicates real-time battery levels, glowing green with charging, so drivers can stay updated on progress in real-time. A true sportscar through and through, the Eletre generates up to 905 horsepower, while twin electric motors provide high torque through all four wheels to provide a safe and exhilarating ride.

On the inside, a High-Definition OLED central screen works in tandem with the digital passenger display for media, navigation, and car system control. Rear passengers can enjoy a high-definition media screen, streaming content from the Lotus connected app. The vehicle also features soundstage control shields to prevent distractions between the front and rear passengers. Ambient lighting adorns the cabin and is customizable, reacting to driving mode, variations in climate, app connectivity and battery levels to create a unique and futuristic feeling environment. The Eletre also features a glass roof, re-fibre interior options repurposed from fashion industry tiles, Nappa leather, massage modes and 20-way adjustable seats.

Technology in the Eletre goes beyond sportcar performance, with the option for a fully autonomous driving experience, called the LiDAR system. The program scans the environment up to 200 metres around the car in every direction to generate a sophisticated 3D map. This map detects obstacles even in low light or undesirable weather, keeping you safe in all conditions. Vision won’t be a problem even in the most adverse condition with the Ultra HD telephoto camera. Drivers can see up to 500 metres in front of the Eletre, while four additional wide-angle side cameras provide 360-degree coverage, improving visibility at all angles. It doesn’t end there, however, with millimeter-wave radar also calculating the position, speed, and direction of potential obstacles, also accounting for low-lying obstructions.

The Lotus Eletre is undeniable proof that sportscar performance and electric driving can seamlessly blend together to create the next thrilling class of electric vehicles.

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