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Lotus Cars is the Brand Made For The Drivers


Lotus Cars stands alone. A brand dedicated as pure drivers’ cars. First, last and always For the Drivers.

The Lotus Cars brand stills on simplicity and lightness enabling our sport cars to be faster everywhere.
By remaining true to the ethos of founder Colin Chapman, Lotus stands alone as a brand dedicated to pure drivers’ cars. Innovative engineering, cutting-edge technologies and advanced materials ensure that every Lotus car proves the value of achieving high-performance through light weight.
Keeping Lotus sport cars simple, yet sophisticated, keeps the connection between Lotus Cars and driver, car, and road true. You would be be able to feel this with your eyes open or closed.
Beauty Not Seen

The Lotus Cars Beauty

“I always thought the Evora was a cool car and a beautiful car to admire. Then I went on a test drive and I felt how precise it is. Because it is such a great driver's car, I really enjoy the sensation it provides – even though I’m not driving it – by listening to the sound and by feeling it move.” Said by Hein Noortman, who purchased a bright blue Lotus Evora.

This is the essence of Lotus Cars. That is correct, to enjoy the beauty of a Lotus car, you don’t necessarily have to see the car.

Enhancing Track Day Experiences

To further amplify the uniqueness of being the sports car made For the Drivers, Lotus Cars has an all-new digital instrument to enhance track day experiences. Meet the all-new ‘plug and play’ Digital Instrument Pack. It comes with:
  • Pre-loaded with circuit data from more than 4,000 race tracks around the world
  • GPS technology and lap performance indicators will help drivers deliver the perfect lap
  • Available for selected Lotus Elise and V6 Exige models
  • Numerous other aftersales packages now available